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At Flyford Flavell First School,  the views of the children matter.  We encourage children to share their views and ideas in a variety of ways. We believe that they best understand the ways in which they learn and should be at the centre of school improvement. Listening to the voices of the pupils raises children’s self esteem, develops their leadership skills and helps them all value learning.

We also listen keenly  to the "silent" pupil  voice.  For example,  our work books tell us how well pupils are doing, the smiles through the door in the mornings tell us how happy pupils are whilst children's  play shows us what games and activities children enjoy in particular.

Our School Council supports our work in responding to our pupils.   The main aim of our School Council is to help to make our school a better place for the children and to give all children  an opportunity to have their opinions and ideas heard. Each class from Reception upwards has two  special representatives  who are  elected every year.  The class representatives inform the children in their classes what has been discussed at each meeting and the children can ask the representatives to take forward their ideas to the next meeting.


Summary of Meeting 6th October 2016

We discussed the parent questionnaire that we had sent out  earlier in the year.  School Council  decided that it would be a good idea to now do ones for pupils.  We thought of a range of questions that would be effective but will also ask ideas from all of  our classes.

School Council members expressed concern about pupils biting pencils and leaving lids of felt pens.  It was decided that they would hold an assembly during Autumn term 2 in order to help all pupils understand the need to take good care of things.  School Council decided that they would like to invite parents into this assembly.