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Reception/Year 1

Summer 2 - Castles



This half term our topic is Castles.  We will be watching clips from the film, Shrek, and doing lots of writing.  We will also be reading some traditional tales and other stories such as Rapunzel and writing our own traditional tale.   We will be designing and making our own castles as well as visiting a real one!    We will have a dress-up Princess, Dragon and Knights Day. 

We will be looking at fractions and money in our Maths this half term and of course doing lots of phonics too.    

June 2019: Trip to Warwick Castle

Chicks outdoor learning

           LONDON Summer 1




This half term we are doing a whole school topic - London.  The children will be learning all about British values and voting.  We are lucky to have the Polling Station in our school and we will get to visit and see a real ballot box!  We vote daily in our class for our reading book at the end of the day and also vote for our School Councillors in our class.   

We are learning all about London landmarks with our adapted story of a naughty bus, the number 88, that decides to leave his usual route of Caledonian Road and head off into the centre with all his passengers onboard!  

We will be designing our own London buses and writing our own stories, as well as creating a London skyline made from recycled materials.   

Forest Outdoor Art

Spring 2 - Explorers


We are learning all about Explorers this half term.  We are going to interview Christopher Columbus, write lists for Dora the Explorer of things she needs to pack in her backpack, find out all about Amelia Earhart, Sacagawea and Tim Peake.  We will be comparing images of explorers from many years ago to today and considering what things may have changed.  Alongside this topic we are doing a Growing project as part of our Science work.  We are going to be learning about the different parts of a flower and planting our very own flower garden in our outdoor raised beds. 

Spring 1   Rainforests


This half term we are looking at rainforests around the world.  We will be learning about the animals and their habitat.  We will then compare the habitat with the previous ones we looked at in our topic Poles Apart.  We are going to write letters to our Prime Minister, after watching the Greenpeace campaign video, There is a Rang in my bedroom.  We will look at how humans affect other species on our planets.  We will plan and conduct a Science investigation on what materials are best in wet weather when visiting a rainforest,  as well as looking at different types of animals (omnivore, herbivore and carnivore) in our Science learning.  We will also be doing lots of colourful painting and mixing colours.  

We are the Chicks and Flamingos.  We are a class of 22 children and our teacher is Mrs Mao.  Our Learning Assistants, who help us, are Miss Kempson and Miss Palmer.   




We are very excited to have set up a link with a class in a rural school in British Columbia.  We will be communicating with our new friends and finding out about life in Canada and asking them questions about animals and weather conditions, to link with our Geography and Understand of the World curriculum areas.   The school is called Kitwanga Elementary School.   



Our topic this half term is The Poles.  We are learning about the North Pole and South Poles, the animals that live in each and the weather conditions.  We are creating our own individual 3D Antarctic scenes for our penguins, with the Aurora Australis as the backdrop.  We are sorting animals according to where they live and looking at they way they have adapted to survive.  We are using clips from March of the Penguins for our Drama and Literacy lessons.  We have painted life-size penguins - Emperor, Rockhopper, Adelie and Chinstrap - and used them for measuring in our Maths.  We will also be using our Purple Mash software to create an animation of a snowstorm in Antarctica or the Arctic.  We have two visitors this half term - Ping, the penguin and Snowy, the leopard seal.  Ping has a huge suitcase and asked us to write a list for him to know what he should take to visit friends in Antarctica.  





Our topic this half term is Caring for Others.  We have a hospital role play area, where we can make a note of the symptoms of our patient and wrap up any broken bones with slings and bandages!  We are going to read the story, Zog, who becomes a flying ambulance.  Chicks are painting Zog and the Flamingos are writing Zog books.  We will also be learning a little about Florence Nightingale and we will be writing letters to the soldiers and making lamps.  We will study the different parts of the body in our Science learning and label maps of the UK and surrounding seas in our Geography.  


September 2018: Baking Gingerbread Men

Chicks - having fun doing phonics and Maths activities - Sept 2018