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We work hard to ensure bullying (including cyber)  does not take place at Flyford Flavell first school.   As part of our anti-bullying week, our Year 4 falcons helped to produce a leaflet for all children to take home.

Our Anti Bullying Leaflet

Our Year 4 Falcons presented their thoughts on bullying in small groups.  Please see some of their insightful comments below.

 Briony:  Bullying is never acceptable.

Cara, Ciara and Matthew: If someone does something once and it is mean or rude, it really isn't nice. If they keep on doing it, then it's bullying. There are different types of bullying

  • Physcial, when someone hurts you with their actions.
  •  Emotional, when they make you feel bad or verbal like when you are teased about what you wear.

Briony: If someone is bullying you,  then you feel small like everyone hates you.

Oliver, Philippa, and Harrison:  Texting afterschool or before school, email, gaming, chat-rooms.  Bullying can happen on the internet and at anytime of day. Not just face to face.

Alice and Bertie: We must stop bulling, it is bad.

Taylor: Bullying is when you make people feel sad, over and over and over and over.......

Annabel: If my friend didn't seem herself, I would ask her is she was ok.  If things didn't get any better then I would tell my teacher.

Charlotte and Sebastian: At Flyford we don't tolerate bullying because we want everyone to feel happy and safe.

Mikey and Alex: You're never alone because your friends  are always with you. They can make you feel happier and help you tell a teacher.

Harry: Be a buddy, not a bully.

Alex: Bullying is mean, unkind, worrying and horrible.

Rosalie: Bullies pick on people to have control.