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Summer Term 2 - People Who Help Us 

As children begin to become more aware of the world they live in it is important for them to appreciate the ways in which people can help them to look after themselves and their environment. Our role play each week will reflect this. Optician, post office, shoe shop and repairs, Hairdresser and a check-up at the Dentist's.



Pippins Pre-School at Flyford Flavell


Come and meet Julie and Donna who provide an exciting and caring  pre-school experience  for children from 2 years plus.  

8.45 am - 3.15 pm

Funded places available.  Child care vouchers accepted. 

Pre-school children may also join our breakfast club and wrap around care sessions.

Please call for more details.

                                Colours - Summer 1 


We are exploring colours in our indoor and outdoor environments and then sorting and grouping them.  In Forest School we are looking at different shades of green.  We will be mixing and changing colours to achieve varied tones.  

How many shades of green and brown can we find?

How many shades of green and brown can we find? 1

January 2019: Planting Trees

Our topic of Superheros is very popular with the children this Spring term. We have been talking about what it means to be a superhero and how they would feel to have powers. Do all superheroes have superpowers? Some have gadgets or special skills and knowledge. Who might be a superhero in our community, police, firefighters, mom, dad or grandparents!!  

We made a Superhero Obstacle Course where our children leap over large mats, raced to help others, picked up houses, pulling others to safety.

Autumn Term 1        'All About  Me'


Getting to know you! 

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