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Child Friendly Explanation of Virus

If your child is off school but well enough to undertake some work, please see some ideas below. If we have to undertake a full school closure, lessons will be posted daily online.  Watch this space. 



Continue to read as much as possible.  Try to read a range, e.g. stories, poems, non-fiction.  The internet is a great place to find lots of things to read.   Remember we have been looking at Roald Daahl poems. Can you find one that makes you smile?   Can you find a new author that you like?  Tell us all about them when you come back to school!



Encourage your child to write on a daily basis.  They can write a story based on a book they have enjoyed, create a poem, write a newspaper report or a recount of a special day. Encourage children to keep their handwriting neat and well formed.  Don't forget punctuation!  Younger pupils will be expected to include full-stops and capital letters, whilst older children would be expected to demonstrate a wide range, e.g. speech marks, exclamation marks, apostrophes, paragraphs etc.  See the list below for more ideas. 


Continue to work on your maths “learn its” and calculations.  Our younger children can practice adding and subtraction, whilst our older children can practice all of the 4.   mathematical operations. (+ - x÷)  As a general rule, Reception/Year 1 children can  work on numbers  0 -20,   Year 2 0-100, Year 3 0 -1000, Year 4 0 – 10000.


Visit: to play maths games.  Year 2 upwards have logins.


Visit website below for lots of maths activities for different ages.


Other Subjects:

Visit our curriculum maps at:

Look at the topic your child is working on and do some internet research.  Children can create posters, power points, fact files etc linked to their science, geography, history, art or ITC topic.