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Primary Conversion Consultation

Consultation for Primary Conversion from September 2020


We are resubmitting our application to convert to primary status in December 2019.  We should hear the outcome of our submission early January 2020.

County are currently reviewing their assessment criteria to support small, rural schools.  One of our previous sticking points has been a "secure pathway." We have a written statement from Pershore High stating that from September 2022, they will admit Year 7 pupils from Flyford Flavell First School.   As Pershore High school is an academy school, and therefore not in the remit of the Local  Authority,  we have been asked to share  the following statement as part of our consultation process which is taken from the proposed revised assessment criteria.


" e) there is an agreed, clear and practical pathway for children to move on from each school affected by the change. Where a pathway school has not formally changed its admissions policy but has committed in writing to do so, the consultation document should make it clear that if parents elect for their child to stay on at the school, they do so at risk pending any formal consultation on admissions change by the pathway school"


As discussed at our consultation meetings, should our submission be successful, we will take steps to reduce our Reception pupil admission number  to 15 pupils per annumm.

Mr Corbett, the CEO of Avonreach Academy, will be in school  during the Autumn term to discuss the secure pathway with parents.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 




 the Autumn term to discuss our secure pathway with parents. 

Rationale for Primary Conversion from September 2020