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Reading Years 1-4

Accelerated Reading

Here at Flyford Flavell First School we operate a reading programme called Accelerated Reader (AR), which is the nation’s leading reading management programme. Using Accelerated Reader provides teachers with timely, accurate information on student academic performance. We can use this information to quickly adjust instruction to help all of our pupils reach their greatest potential. Accelerated Reader helps teachers reach all types of readers because it includes Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice and Literacy Skills Quizzes. Recorded Voice Quizzes are also available for emergent readers. AR quizzes cover all National Curriculum Reading levels of reading ability.


How It Works in Each Class


A typical Accelerated Reader session operates something like this:

1. We assign Reading Practice targets and certification levels for the students in the Accelerated Reader record books and targets area.

2. Students either choose a book to read or read books that the teacher has assigned to them.

3. Students use Accelerated Reader at the computer to search for and take the quiz for the books they have read.

4. Accelerated Reader scores each student’s quiz and prints a TOPS Report.

5. The teacher and the student discuss the TOPS Report.

6. Pupils are awarded a reading certificate at the end of each half term. Some of the reading successes are celebrated in an assembly that parents are invited to attend.


Home Connect


Home Connect improves the school-to-home connection by allowing parents, carers and children to log in to a website and view their child’s reading practice and progress towards targets. Access to online results is intended to promote discussion between parents and children, which then motivates children and can make reading practice even more effective. In addition, parents can specify up to six email addresses to receive automatic updates on their child’s reading progress.