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Monday 18th May: Reception Lessons

Your child should have come home with a sound mat. The children use the sound mats every day when they do their writing. They will find it helpful to do the same at home when completing the writing task.  Children are spelling with phonically plausible attempts so please do not panic if they are writing ‘see’ as in the ocean. 

Please also continue to encourage full stops, finger space , capital letters throughout their writing and monitor their pencil grip. Please refer to the phonic work books for our cursive handwriting formation.



Resources and websites that you may find useful

Phonics Play 

On here are some lovely interactive games for the children working on blending real and nonsense words and tricky words. If you play any of the phonic sound games it will may ask you to pick a ‘phase’. Id advise you to pick phase 3.

Username: march20




There are a variety of subject based games on here. You can refine a search by subject and age.