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Year 3/4

Welcome to Year 3 & 4's Class Page


Step into the Year 3 and 4 classroom and you will find 25 'Swifts' and 'Falcons' enjoying their learning with enthusiasm and dedication. You will also find their teacher, Mrs Bowen and learning assistants, Mrs Rea, Mrs Bartliff and Mrs Bates. Our door is always open so do call in to see us any time!


We are super SMART learners when it comes to e-safety. If you would like to learn more, click on the link below to visit Think-You-Know's Cyber Café!




We also love practising our timetables - why not try this game? TABLES


Or testing our maths skills even more playing COUNTDOWN!

SUMMER 2: Ancient Egypt


Our theme for the Summer 2 half term is ‘Ancient Egypt’. In this topic, we will make fascinating discoveries about the Ancient Egyptians by looking at factual evidence about the Pyramids, mummies and Hieroglyphics. We will study a range of Egyptian artefacts to discover what they tell us about the past. We will also look at the geography of Egypt, including following the route of the River Nile and its impact on agriculture and farming in Ancient Egypt. Children will use their knowledge to answer the question: ‘How did Ancient Egypt compare to Ancient Britain?’



If you'd like to find out more about Ancient Egypt, why not visit one of these websites? (Click on the links)

SUMMER 1 2019


London Calling!


This term, we will be returning to our whole school topic, 'London Calling!', with a focus on British values. Our year 3 & 4 children will direct their learning to the democracy element of this topic. Children will explore ‘The Journey to Democracy’. Beginning 850 years ago, we’ll discover how Britain went from being an absolute monarchy to a modern-day democracy. The pupils will explore this through four key figures: King John, Oliver Cromwell, David Lloyd George and Theresa May. They will investigate who had the power to make laws and how laws have changed over time. We will appreciate the importance of democracy and understand how everyone can now have their say in how the country is run, whether through campaigning or through voting in elections. 


Why not find out more about Parliament using one of these links?


May 2019: Year 3/4 Assembly

Year 4 Bellboating Training Day in Fladbury

SPRING 2 2019


Transport and Aviation!


Our theme leading up to Easter is ‘Transport! Our  learning will use primary and secondary sources of information to learn about how transport has changed over time and changed our lives. We will research and understand how different methods of transport have ‘evolved’; compare and evaluate these for different journeys and explore their impact on our international community. We also have an exciting trip to Coventry Transport Museum planned!


Take a look at these clips about transport:




We are also very excited to be letting our imaginations go with an English focus, to entertain, in which we will look at fantasy stories. What reading experiences do the you have in this genre?

SPRING 1 2019




Our theme for the first half of the Spring Term is ‘China’. We will be exploring many aspects about this fascinating country - its geography, history and customs. We will use a range of different sources of research, such as books, pictures, artefacts and the internet to find out about China and the Ancient Shang civilization. Do call in so we can share our learning with you. We enjoyed 'walking in the shoes' of these children in China - have a look at the video clips HERE.



In English, we will be linking our writing to our topic looking at explaining why China is one of the countries most affected by natural disasters. We will also look at stories inspired by Chinese culture, such as The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman.


In maths, we will continue developing our multiplication and division skills. If you'd like to practise your times tables skills why not try these games:

AUTUMN 2 2018


Extreme Survival!


Our theme for the Autumn 2 half term is ‘Extreme Survival’. In this exciting topic, children will begin to explore extremes of climate and environment around the world. We will research the conditions in these places and find out how animals and peoples survive in these regions. We will explore the importance of shelter, food and clean water as the basis of survival. We will also research some famous explorers and their stories of endeavour, such as Captain Scott and Mauro Prosperi. And of course, our Year 4 Falcons are about to head off on their own adventure...a Manor Adventure!!


Do you have an adventurous spirit? Would you like to travel the world to explore all of its extremes? Why not take a look at National Geographic Kids webpage (click on the words) for inspiration! Find out about some famous explorers here! Or here!


AUTUMN 1 2018


Meet the Flintstones!


This term we will be studying the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages in our exciting 'Meet the Flintstones' topic. We will study a range of sources for this prehistoric time and a range of learning experiences to understand the difference these ages made to the world through developments in farming, tools and weaponry. We will be studying the book, 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura to help us create some super Stone Age writing. We are also going to become Stone Age people and discover what it was like to hunt and gather, to build hurdles and fishing nets, create shelters and cave art and understand the importance of fire during a trip to Bishop's Wood Field Study Centre. Our science topic on rocks and soils will really help us understand this topic from all aspects.



There are some great clips and interesting facts on the BBC site HERE (click the word here!) and the DK pages HERE

Take a look!